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     Here at Aunt Shawna’s Dog Day Care and Boarding, we offer dog daycare and boarding for little dogs 20 pounds or less with low prey drive that are non-aggressive and social. We offer a safe and fun environment for our teeny tinies, whether they are with us just for the day or a long term stay while you’re away. We specialize in 3-4 pound tiny dogs, as well as very young puppies and older dogs with health issues. We are with them around the clock, able to give them the attention they need. Our goal is to make sure each and every dog is confident, comfortable and stimulated with our small pack. We keep the number of dogs in our little pack low - quite a bit smaller than most daycares and WAY smaller than kennels - to ensure that each and every dog gets a lot of attention and the stress levels stay low. I am certified in animal CPR and am an ongoing student toward a degree in animal behavior, as well as working toward kennel certification (with the focus on animal health). We diligently work toward being professional and knowledgeable while still retaining the comforting feeling of having left your little furry one with family

     We do a Meet and Greet with each new dog to make sure that all new dogs are gentle players and that everyone gets along well. It’s amazing how much difference a few pounds can make when small dogs are playing together. While 10-15 pounds doesn’t sound like much of a difference, when a bigger, thick bodied, barrel chested dog is running after the same ball as a 3 pound small-boned Chihuahua, it can get pretty dicey for the Chihuahua, even if there is only a 2-3 pound difference between them. And not all dogs like each other. Much like people, they have their likes and dislikes, so we need to make sure everyone likes each other. A balanced pack is a safe and happy pack. Each dog should be able to be themselves without constantly being reined in due to their size or play style. Our philosophy is that there is a play group just right for every personality/size and when it’s a good match, everyone in the pack is happy. As per state requirements, all dogs must be current on Rabies, DHPP and Bordatella. All dogs over 6 months old must be spayed or neutered. If, during our Meet and Greet, it becomes apparent that your dog is very shy and needs to get used to us, we can do trial runs starting with just a few hours and working up to a full day and then an overnight, if needed. We try to ease them into it as much as possible to try and keep the stress levels down.  

     Here at Aunt Shawna’s Dog Day Care and Boarding, we strive for that delicate balance between professionalism and that good ol’ home feeling. We want you to know that your little dog is in capable, responsible hands while feeling that you’ve left them with family. We are the next best thing to you – your dog’s home away from home.   

     We provide personalized, crate and kennel free, top quality dog daycare and boarding with lots of individualized attention.  We serve South San Francisco 94080, Daly City  94014 & 94015, Colma 94014, San Bruno 94066 and Pacifica 94044.       

 Bonded & Insured   ~   Certified in Pet First Aid 

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            Call us at 650-758-2090 or e-mail us at shawnaspetsitting@gmail.com
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