I developed a great love of nature growing up I was born in California, grew up in Texas and spent 4 years in the US Air Force in Alaska before moving to Sacramento for 14 years.  I moved to the bay area in 2000 and found where I belong. In 2004, I decided to take a hiatus from my job as a bookkeeper and began working for a local boarding kennel.  I fell in love with my job and never looked back.  After working there caring for cats, dogs & bunnies for 3 years, in 2007 I started my own business pet sitting for those pets that didn't do well in a kennel setting and pets that had no kennel options.  I cared for all kinds of pets in their own homes for 3 years before converting my business to what we do today, dog day care & boarding.   I am very grateful that I get to do what I love every day.     
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     I've always had all kinds of pets my entire life.  I am currently the 'mother' of  5 small dogs, 2 kitties and a  rescued aquatic turtle. My pets are a  huge part of my  family, their well being  and happiness is as important to me as that  of my children.   My  family has rescued many animals of all kinds over the years, gotten  them all healthy and well-adjusted and helped them find their forever  homes.  I have worked with a local bay area rescue fostering kittens in  need in the past and currently foster dogs for the local ASPCA. 

                 Contact us at 650-758-2090 or at shawnaspetsitting@gmail.com
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