Our daycare is the perfect place for young pups that need lots of attention and plenty of exercise and potty breaks or those active dogs with tons of energy they need to run off while you’re at work all day. We can be there for your older dogs that need attention and/or medications throughout the day, too. On those occasional days off when you plan on being out all day but don’t want your little dog sitting home alone and bored, give us a call. You’ll relax and enjoy yourself much better knowing your furry baby is having a good time, too, and getting lots of love at Aunt Shawna’s Dog Day Care. Our whole focus is on the individual care of and attention to your dog’s every need. We don’t have a ton of dogs in a huge, echo-ey warehouse room with one or two humans watching over them, scared, submissive dogs desperately trying to hide from the pushy dogs in a corner. We have a small group of dogs playing in a garden backyard, sunning on a comfy blanket or laying out in the shade among the flowers, playing games of chase or tug of war or getting a rub down from Aunt Shawna. Because we’re in a home setting, I can customize things to give those really scared dogs not used to being around other dogs a quiet space to get used to us until they’re ready to join in. Older dogs that just want to nap and be left alone have a nice, comfy spot to nap all they want while the younger ones run around and play together. For those occasional hot days, we have lots of shade in the garden with fans and a little doggy pool to cool off in. Rainy days are spent warm and comfortable by the fireplace with lots of lap time and cuddling. While I’m no trainer, we work on everybody’s manners naturally as we interact throughout the day.    

      For those dogs that are boarding with us, days are filled with running and playing with my own and the daycare dogs in our garden backyard while evenings are filled with lots of lap time, snoozing in front of the fireplace, and individualized attention. We spend time every evening petting all over them, brushing them and making sure their little bodies are healthy and well. We have doggy stairs for both the couch and our big bed so dogs can find their own comfy spot in the evenings and during the night. We keep open wire crates throughout the house for those dogs that miss their little ‘dens’ back home, the perfect place for their own favorite’ blankie’ during their stay. We try to take photos and videos as often as possible and will be happy to send some (upon request) during your time away. Phone camera shots are a big favorite, especially for those staying with us for the first time. It helps a lot to SEE that your dog is doing well in your absence.  

                                    Bonded & Insured    ~   Certified in Pet First Aid                                  
                 Call us at 650-758-2090 or email us at shawnaspetsitting@gmail.com        

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